Broken Down

by Longing for Orpheus



Meredith Ruduski, the singer and co-writer of "Broken Down," is a coloratura soprano...that is to say, a classically trained vocalist. I had the good fortune to be cast alongside her in a light opera a couple of years ago, around the same time I decided to try taking Longing for Orpheus in an Ambient Pop direction. I found myself pleasantly distracted in rehearsal after rehearsal by the pure, ethereal quality of her voice, so I asked her if she had any interest in non-classical music, and if she would be interested in collaborating on a song. Fortunately, she was.

More about Meredith:


All alone with the rain falling from my eyes
The stars shine clear and cold against the wet velvet sky
And as they fall to earth I try to understand why
A kiss from your lips should make me cry

Broken down, I'm broken down again
Featherlight in my dreams
Permeated with memories
Of your perfume, your sweet scent
Why did you leave me here
Broken down again

As I step outside myself, and watch the waters rise
I start to wonder what is real and what is my disguise
If I had the chance, would I still want to know why
I am bound to the earth as I watch you fly

I need you to breathe
I need you to see
I am lost within the space
Between reality and dreams


released February 20, 2011
Derek Smootz - Synths and programming
Meredith Ruduski - Vocals


all rights reserved



Longing for Orpheus Austin, Texas

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