Find Your Way

by Longing for Orpheus



Do you ever feel you’re living in a story?
Like there’s something artificial
Like you could touch the seams

Beneath a rusted sky
Among the cogs and wheels
You always wanted to be alone
this is how it feels

As you set out, through the darkness
Past the moon-washed hills
And all behind you fades

Always know that this once-familiar sky
Will fill with light
To guide your way

If you ever need a place to fall down
To keep the monsters on the outside
Find your way back home
Piercing through the dark
Looking at reflections of yourself so scarred
You can’t tell a lie to your heart

Melt through the walls
You can find the spaces in between to hide
When the fear starts breaking through

Do you ever dream
In secret for innocence
Time is wasting, no time for waiting
It’s time now, time to run


released September 7, 2017
Vocals by Rebecca Smootz


all rights reserved



Longing for Orpheus Austin, Texas

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